BTB MotoMission is always looking for young people who are truly passionate about improving Jamaica. Part-time and short term project opportunities are available and perfectly suited for persons who are energetic, driven, disciplined, and meticulous.

Minimum requirements are:

  • High School Graduate
  • Must be computer literate and be familiar with software such as Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Must also be familiar with Google productivity apps, Whatsapp for Business and other social media applications.
  • Minimum of 4 CXC Subjects preferred. Alternate qualifications may be considered.
  • At least 5 years of riding experience is required for practical training jobs.
  • Having a genuine interest in motorcycles is a plus but is not a requirement for most employment assignments that do not involve practical riding or instruction.

Above all other qualifications, the most important thing is to simply have the right attitude and aptitude for the job!

If interested in submitting a resume or job application, contact us here.