Over 3,500,000 kilometres ridden (since 2016).

Have the motorcycling employees in your company done a BTB motorcycle safety course? The life of each and every motorcycling employee matters for you, your company, its employees, and their families.

In Jamaica’s corporate motorcycle safety arena, BTB Mission’s story, statistics, and track record are unmatched. Injury reductions in the region of 45 to 80% are to be expected and have become the gold standard in Jamaica. We’ve set that standard.

To help to improve Occupational Health and Safety in your organization, BTB is the best choice for delivering proven-effective motorcycle safety workshops and more complex annual internal motorcycle safety training programs. Strategies employed are ideal for employees, contractors, and subcontractors. Our team is all about bringing both life-saving and bankable results for your safety investment. To be most effective, we tackle multiple factors to include even the cultural/behavioral factors that are most difficult to treat.

Ultimately, there are things that money simply can’t replace.

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