We’ve got to make a few changes. We also need to let you know how BTB’s mission and services are going to be affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

These are scary times. Typically, the coolheaded among us don’t want to panic or overreact. Nevertheless, in the face of a deadly global challenge, even the bravest of us may desperately search for the right reaction. And we may not always find it. Yet still, we do our utmost best. 

The fact is, the highly infectious nature of the novel coronavirus continues to stun us in unprecedented ways. And this is long before we even consider the economic fallout. Yet still, we remain bravely optimistic. Ready to reassure and evolve beyond this crisis. 


Since inception, the BTB team’s back-office operations planning primarily took place via simple virtual communications platforms. We are already used to doing informal meetings and discussions this way. As a result, much of what’s required now isn’t a big change for us. Administratively, it’s like things have shifted to our home field. 

With that being said, the first set of changes at BTB are as follows, 

  1. Effective immediately, all BTB meetings with government, private sector, and even internal team meetings will be conducted via online video conferencing. Preferred apps are Zoom and Whatsapp
  2. All BTB national and community consultations will continue uninterrupted but via those virtual meeting platforms. 
  3. All our usual “large-group” face-to-face commercial and outreach workshops are canceled and will not resume until health officials give the go-ahead. 
  4. All non-workshop administrative processes at BTB will also be conducted online.  
  5. Basic online classroom instruction is in the testing phase and will be available as of March 28, 2020 for both one-on-one and small groups. 
  6. One-on-one practical training will comply with social distancing rules. Additionally, such training is only available for persons whose health risks and travel histories meet our requirements. Eg. No symptoms and no travel or known/suspected exposure within the past 14 days. All appointments will be subject to public health restrictions announced by the Chief Medical Officer.  
  7. Payments for all services will be accepted via electronic transfer, direct lodgement or via PayPal.  


Additionally, when large-group workshops and practical training sessions resume for BTB and Learn-To-Ride Jamaica, we’ll be enforcing a simple set of rules for the health and safety of our teammates and attendees. These are as follows, 

  1. Helmet-Sharing Ban – Helmet sharing is prohibited. All students must bring their own helmets. We also recommend that students employ a routine of sanitizing their helmets after every ride and allowing adequate time for the sanitizer to soak into fabric coverings and to dry. We recommend using Alcohol in a spray bottle as a sanitizer.  This dries faster than aerosols or gels and is less harmful to the helmet. If you have a helmet for your pillion, you should also apply these hygiene principles. Sanitize after every passenger…and allow it to dry. 
  2. Clean Ride policy – Each participant must sanitize their hands prior to riding. As well as at the start and end of any training session. Even if it’s your own motorcycle. 
  3. Clean Classroom Policy – Participants should also clean their immediate workspace prior to the start of the classroom session. We’ll provide the sanitizer. This all in addition to general daily cleaning by corporate ancillary staff. 
  4. Cough/Sneeze Policy – If you cough or sneeze even once during a training session, you are required to sanitize your hands and arms…and put on a mask. If the coughing or sneezing is persistent, then you may be asked to leave the class. While we are sympathetic to the fact that you may simply be suffering from allergies, we aren’t doctors. We can’t tell the difference. Without a solid medical assessment, we must err on the side of caution. 
  5. Fever Ban – We’ve acquired digital temperature guns. All persons attending a BTB or LTR training session will be required to submit to a temperature check prior to start. Fever = no go. Meaning, if you are 100 degrees or over, you will not be allowed to stay at the training event. 

Some of this is just common sense. Simple, solid and rational reactions. Mostly, it’s mandatory enforcement of rules that many already knew they should have been doing all along. Even beyond the current crisis, these health and hygiene policies will reduce the instances of the common cold, the flu, and many other potentially harmful contaminants. 

That’s the deal.

God willing, our mission will continue beyond this crisis. But first, we need to survive. Right now, this minute, we all need to be as safe and healthy as possible.  The BTB team wishes everyone the best on this journey and we offer our prayers and deepest sympathies to those who have been directly or indirectly affected – through health issues, loss of income, quarantines, psychological distress, grief or loss of life. Let’s lookout for our neighbors who may need our support the most. Let’s all do right by our communities. 

We encourage you all to be strong in both faith and work during this difficult time. Prayer is a must. 

See you soon. God bless.